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120,000 visitors every year

Cité épiscopale d’Albi

The maximum capacity of Saint-Salvi, fixed by the health and safety commission, is 500 visitors at any one time.

The church benefits from a northern and a southern entrance, linking the rue Mariès to the north and the cloister to the south.

Besides the passage to the church’s interior the cloister is also accessible by three passages which respectively give onto rue Sainte-Cécile, rue Peyroliére and the Place Saint Salvi at the apse of the church.

Today the only visible degradations are the graffiti found on the columns of the cloister, an unfortunate side-effect of the influx of tourists.

Neither the Cathedral of Sainte-Cécile or the Collégiale Saint-Salvi permit group visits during religious ceremonies. The office of tourism organises visits around the hours of religious service.

Electronic counters are placed at the entrances of each of these monuments to gather information about the number of visitors.

These counters also allow the authorities to react quickly to regulate entries should the capacity of the buildings be attained.

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