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The 13th century flooring

Cité épiscopale d’Albi

In 2009, the best conserved and most extensive mediaeval flooring in France, dating from the 13th century, was found in numerous rooms in the Berbie palace.

Inspired by heraldic themes, both sacred and profane, the tiling at the rooms’ edges represents diverse motifs such as the lion, the most widespread heraldic animal, the fleur-de-lys, a symbol of royalty, and the cross of Toulouse.

Archaeological explorations undertaken at the palace suggest that the tour Saint-Michel was used as a banquet hall, courtroom and maybe even as a tribunal for the inquisition.

This chamber will be opened to the public in Spring 2012 on the occasion of the grand reopening of the refurbished Toulouse-Lautrec museum.

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