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The fortifications

Cité épiscopale d’Albi

Very little remains today of the ramparts besides the section at the Berbie palace and along the boulevard Sibille; in the past three kilometres of wall surrounded the town beside the Jardin National, running from the place du Vigan and the lices Pompidou.

Midway through the 18th century, these walls were dismantled during the construction of the royal road from Toulouse to Rodez which was situated near the ancient trenches to the east (lices Pompidou).

The Pont-vieux was also fortified with a watch tower in front of the drawbridge at the corner of quai Choiseul and rue de la Grand’côte, then the main street leading into the town. The lower part of this gate, known as the Porte du Tarn, remains beneath street-level. Below, look out for the remains of the town’s ancient port beside the old Moulin du Chapitre (Chapter mill). Here is where the gabarres (a type of flat bottomed barge or boat) were moored which transported the merchandise.

The rue de la Souque like rue de la Buade into which it leads, are lined with finely/beautifully-restored houses, in which the façades alternate wood panels with bare or rendered bricks in this haven of tranquillity.

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